The Writer Looks for Her Song

The highlight of the week was receiving  package of books that I had ordered on line, including my favourite poet, Maya Angelou! I am busy reading them now.  The Murphy book, Pearl Verses the World, was just lovely~ so looking forward to meeting Sally on the 26th of August and asking her to sign it.Continue reading “The Writer Looks for Her Song”

Pacing Yourself – When Creatives Get Busy

So this has been a week of longing to creatively write and being busy with so many other tasks. I have the longing of this girl staring into the banana field.  My finished novel and books are somewhere in the distance.  But now I need to use that longing to walk into that path andContinue reading “Pacing Yourself – When Creatives Get Busy”

Lest We Forget – The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

My mother tells me my grandfather was one of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. That’s all I know of the story so far, apart from what is in the Australian War Memorial Records, and written by the army or historians. There is so much history that could have been written but might forever be lost. SoContinue reading “Lest We Forget – The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels”

Walking out the Writing Beginning Blues

Dear Readers, Walking and thinking are truly a cure for a bad case of procrastinating starting something new. Recently I have been  constantly perched at my desk, and sometimes a lovely green recliner chair in front of the fish tank (that is when I can ‘rent’ some time from my daughter who just loves thisContinue reading “Walking out the Writing Beginning Blues”

Writing Group – First of Year

I just love  my writing group. I have been attending Write Links for three years now, and over that time, I have: learnt more about the art and craft of picture book and middle grade writing attended numerous professional development workshops with many established writers in the field met the amazing Leigh Hobbs, whose charactersContinue reading “Writing Group – First of Year”