Pandora’s Box of Imagination: Confessions of a Budding Novelist

So over the weekend my close writing confidant read the chapters I had already completed on the novel, and the verdict was close to my own, some settings and characters have to be saved for other books. I need to streamline. Imagine doing that with close personal friends who you know the whole history of.Continue reading “Pandora’s Box of Imagination: Confessions of a Budding Novelist”

Confessions of a budding novelist, or after nanowrimo

After 180 pages with no plan other than a basic plot outline, I have decided that I have written a culture, a bunch of characters that I adore (far too many) and I know which passages are in the flow.  My world is visual, alive, vibrant, and I just love lots of it.  If  IContinue reading “Confessions of a budding novelist, or after nanowrimo”

End of Nanowimo

Hooray I did it!  I got to the goal, and I am half way through my first Fantasy novel.    I am so happy!  Four Soul Fooders have so far made the goal and become winners of the challenge. Time to reflect— I have created a world, invented creatures, a cast of characters, some problems andContinue reading “End of Nanowimo”

One week of Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo generates a lot of positive messaging between people supporting each other through it. I have been doing status statement updates, and realise I’ve been keeping a diary really of the whole experience, must be my education and documenting impulse coming out. I’ve always been one to keep diaries. Some might say ‘June you areContinue reading “One week of Nanowrimo”