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  It has been a bit more than one year now, since June Perkins contacted me to illustrate Magic Fish Dreaming, a series of poems describing, with softness, mystery and humour, the beauty and richness of a region of Australia: the Far North Queensland. This project immediately appealed to…

Creature Feature

‘Come over here Mum, Quick!’ So I run over and there it is,  stock still in the bushes the third lizard we have seen that day at South Bank. She is filming it with her tablet whilst her brother is climbing a tree. She likes keeping her eyes peeled for creatures others pass by. SheContinue reading “Creature Feature”

Walking the past in the present

Time is a culturally bound construct. We may, based on what culture we are born into, think we move chronologically, but in many cultures we carry the memory and ancestors with us in stories, songs and myths and a belief in the presence of spirits. The past walks with present and the present with theContinue reading “Walking the past in the present”

Ecology Quest 1 – Bush turkey holes, and finding a bat wing coral tree

Yesterday I read the following from David Attenborough:  “Where in 1945 it was thought that the way to solve the problem was to create wildlife parks and nature reserves, that is no longer an option. They are not enough now. The whole countryside should be available for wildlife. The suburban garden, roadside verges … allContinue reading “Ecology Quest 1 – Bush turkey holes, and finding a bat wing coral tree”