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  It has been a bit more than one year now, since June Perkins contacted me to illustrate Magic Fish Dreaming, a series of poems describing, with softness, mystery and humour, the beauty and richness of a region of Australia: the Far North Queensland. This project immediately appealed to…

WONDER A DAY 10: Dilemmas pets and the Environment

To those who follow my blog regularly you will know pets figure strongly in my children’s lives, but it’s not just pets  – all animals they come into contact with  interest them. This photograph is of a gecko with my daughter – my kids just love them, especially the mini ones with lovely patterns onContinue reading “WONDER A DAY 10: Dilemmas pets and the Environment”

Wonder a Day 2: Beauty at the Door Step

We are so lucky to have so much at our door step.  This  beach is a bit changed in shape since cyclone Yasi but it’s coming back ! Much harder for the people who had houses near it, with many of them having to leave. I wonder how they are doing?  I know how someContinue reading “Wonder a Day 2: Beauty at the Door Step”

Circle of Recovery

Recently my family went to visit Edmund Kennedy National Park.  Like so much else around us it has been ravaged by Cyclone Yasi and is showing scars. The scars include stinking dead fish on the beach – and trees alternating between neatly piled to chaotically strewn around depending on where they are in relation toContinue reading “Circle of Recovery”