Outlining Time

At the moment my blogs will be brief as I settle in for outlining, planning scenes and then carrying out my writing projects. I had a couple of weeks in Melbourne with extended family and visited the Art Vo Immersive Gallery. I think after this experience I’ll imagine myself immersed in the worlds of myContinue reading “Outlining Time”

June’s Journal

I was introduced to keeping journals in my primary school, but from the very beginning I kept a public journal and a private one. My public journal was full of tales of excursions, interesting food and the mundane things of everyday life.  My private journal was where I poured out where I felt about theContinue reading “June’s Journal”

Pandora’s Box of Imagination: Confessions of a Budding Novelist

So over the weekend my close writing confidant read the chapters I had already completed on the novel, and the verdict was close to my own, some settings and characters have to be saved for other books. I need to streamline. Imagine doing that with close personal friends who you know the whole history of.Continue reading “Pandora’s Box of Imagination: Confessions of a Budding Novelist”