Meeting an Anthropologist

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One of my Aunties – in her face I see my mother so clearly!  Rotorua, in Aoteroa/ New Zealand, has one of those aromas that you can never forget and which is hard to escape. For me the strong smell of the sulphur is overtaken by an experience that has represented…

Rowhani School Showing their Love for the Environment!

Images from Julian Bluett- Rowhani Baha’i School in Vanuatu, showing their concern for the environment.   Today I am thinking particularly of all those  youth and children in the Pacific showing their love for the environment. By canoe,  by dirt roads through the jungles, by banners of love, joy, and unity, they add their voicesContinue reading “Rowhani School Showing their Love for the Environment!”

Five Powers to Dealing with Racism

It was amazing today to feel like an advocate for unity in diversity, and the power of poetry, love, and education. I mentioned Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, my parents and the spiritual and cultural upbringing that has made me who I am today. Love will always lead us away from hate as a solution, andContinue reading “Five Powers to Dealing with Racism”

Grandpa’s Song

I love ‘Grandpa’s Song’ by Vika and Linda Bull, an Australian vocal duo with a Tongan family background  (their mother is Tongan.) This youtube link is not great quality but gives you an idea of the music video of the song. A better audio of  Grandpa’s song is HERE   Vika and Linda were originallyContinue reading “Grandpa’s Song”

The Ownership of the Yam Hole – My Oral History

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The Yam Hole – JK.Leahy memoir series A yam garden in PNG. Public Domain image. Currently, the case of the Yam Hole (Ambisi) is an ongoing dispute amongst our people in Wagang Village, Lae, Papua New Guinea. The national government is negotiating with the villagers to build a large fisheries…