Various Popular Pictures from Flickr Visitors

I was looking at the favourites from my flickr pages and found the following highlights. All of these images are within the top ten of interesting, comments, favourites. I notice the images cluster around childhood, nature, collage and poetry. Enjoy! Contemplation River (click image to go to poem & most favourites) Guitar Boy 2 (mostContinue reading “Various Popular Pictures from Flickr Visitors”

Abstracting Sunset

I enjoy the process of abstracting in my photographs.  This involves removing some elements to simplify what I am seeing, like an abstract artist.   The element  I am removing in the above image  is the sharp focus. Below is a gallery of recent abstractions of sunset.  I’d like to try more of these andContinue reading “Abstracting Sunset”

Sunset Flares

This was my favourite picture of today. I love capturing interesting portraits in the sunset. I’ve taken heaps of these now. They all have a different mood. Sometimes the kids have props. Today’s prop – a book. Will organise a flickr set sometime to link to. I love the lens flares on this one. SoContinue reading “Sunset Flares”

Country Music – Calls to My Heart

After an intensive blog challenge writing month, I am doing more private writing.  Next month I will share fewer stories but more regular photographs.  However, I am going to be disciplined and just share one photograph each time.  Obviously I take more, but there is always one I particularly like at the end of theContinue reading “Country Music – Calls to My Heart”