Photofinish Fashion Episode

I was intrigued by  Fashion: Episode 5  of Photofinish having never done studio photography. I can only imagine working with lights, props, make up and costume as well as an amazing camera and on top of that needing to have a vision of an era of fashion. This was one challenge where some training in photographyContinue reading “Photofinish Fashion Episode”

In Search of Emotion

So I’m on a quest to truly understand my camera and to explore the art of videography.  As part of my quest I am watching ABC’s Photo Finish. This is an intriguing show where three amateur photographers, with varying interests and backgrounds, go on assignment.  In the second episode, the first I have watched, theContinue reading “In Search of Emotion”

Photographing Tully

I’ve been out and about photographing Tully events again. To see pictures of the Tully Biggest Morning Tea Event at the library you can visit.  Tully’s Biggest Morning Tea. This is one of my favourites of the day.  It’s of one of our wonderful local library staff  and a dear friend making sure the teaContinue reading “Photographing Tully”

Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully

So yesterday it was time to walk around Tully to take our Now and Then photos.  We prepared for the task in the morning at a workshop with ABC Open producers, Michael Bromage and Leandro Palacio.  They showed examples, and took everyone through the steps of what we needed to do.   It was during thisContinue reading “Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully”