Nineteen Months

You can see the latest Nineteen Months contributions HERE Above is a slide show of my contributions to the site over the last three years. If you visit the site you can read the quotations that were placed with them. Here are just a few: “Know ye that the world is like unto a mirageContinue reading “Nineteen Months”

Bullimba Imaginings

If you go to Bullimba you will walk past some interesting pieces of street art. Perhaps they will make you think of a story or poem. Who is this lady? Where is she going? You will see some interesting signs if you look up. They might suggest to you a story, an idea for anContinue reading “Bullimba Imaginings”

Two Bright Orbs: Shining the Light of Love

When attending celebrations where unity in diversity is not just in words but in action I feel hope for the future of Australia and the World. I was so happy that my family were able to experience the inspiring coming together of the diversity of the human family and community into one larger family atContinue reading “Two Bright Orbs: Shining the Light of Love”