Fallen leaf splinters of shadows and light to earth beggars busking for renewal Roads of everyday punctuated by commas of clouds past full stop forests of tears littered through sufferings paragraphs still it makes no sense Roads not taken whisper warm shadows dance like cold light sing leaf soul’s dream of the fallen (c) JuneContinue reading “Fallen”

When I pass

Always behind seeking to capture textures of a family walk mushrooms in a tree stump When I pass is this one of the images that will flash before me? When I pass will I see reality lights of cane and sunset flickering orange, green merging and realise my soul is an interconnection of light toContinue reading “When I pass”

A Day with a Song Writer – Saturday Writing Sagas

So a break from ebooks for this week, and a break from home on Friday to spend a day listening to some of the original songs of Melinda Irvine and working on the art of portrait photography. Melinda was doing her best to forget the camera was in my hand as she played sitting atContinue reading “A Day with a Song Writer – Saturday Writing Sagas”