A Month of Reflections

Like many other keen ABC Open contributors, this month I am participating in the Snapped Theme: Reflections. My photograph of the cane and lilies is already up alongside some photographs I truly admire. There are already over 500 inspiring contributions to look through. I have just submitted this one. I love this theme!  Looking forwardContinue reading “A Month of Reflections”

Jourama Falls

2013-02-04 adventuringnq_waterfalljourama 091, a photo by gumbootspearlz creations – June Perkins on Flickr.   This weeks highlight was a trip to Jourama Falls on the way home from a medical appointment. It was late afternoon, but being North Queensland still fairly warm. My children weren’t that sure about the whole idea, but their Dad andContinue reading “Jourama Falls”

Abstracting Sunset

I enjoy the process of abstracting in my photographs.  This involves removing some elements to simplify what I am seeing, like an abstract artist.   The element  I am removing in the above image  is the sharp focus. Below is a gallery of recent abstractions of sunset.  I’d like to try more of these andContinue reading “Abstracting Sunset”

Sunset Flares

This was my favourite picture of today. I love capturing interesting portraits in the sunset. I’ve taken heaps of these now. They all have a different mood. Sometimes the kids have props. Today’s prop – a book. Will organise a flickr set sometime to link to. I love the lens flares on this one. SoContinue reading “Sunset Flares”