Hellos of the human race Are wayfarers in outer space Searching into future time Reaching memories so sublime. Wayfarers in shifting space Mix Dylan’s songs of human race Dancing with the dust of stars To the future we might be bizarre? Hellos circle stars and moon Humanity longs for a cocoon As child soldier hidesContinue reading “Wayfarer”

Geranium Lake

Originally posted on World Citizen Dreaming:
Medellin – Flickr Creative Commons For Vincent Van Gough I am a lover Without love. My church takes away My Priesthood. I am a Vicar Whose church is Esoine red, Geranium lake. I am a painter Who half sees Empty chairs Geranium lakes, Black crows. I am Beethoven’s Right…

This wheel doesn’t turn

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Image Credit Creative Commons, some rights reserved Michael Scott This wheel doesn’t turn the way that it should it just has a soul of its own. Frustration is crawling under my skin wheeling all over my day. This wheel doesn’t turn the way that it should left is right right…

Life Splinters

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Skin tastes the season Knits it to the bone Frosty footsteps Eat a dreamer’s skin Gloved handprints Scroll phone photo splinters Eyes speaking life Embedded dreaming Life splinters Into status statements Season to season Image to image Emoting and unleashing Inner worlds Memes beckon likes And stories untold Knit themselves…