Indigenous Art and Writing – Traditional use of Feathers

(c) Pearlz My daughter was researching things beginning with F and we came across this interesting site on feathers on Native Web showing Different kinds of Feathers. Another one I have been looking at with some interest, partly because it features stories on carving is Inuit Native Art. There are many other informative and interestingContinue reading “Indigenous Art and Writing – Traditional use of Feathers”

Dizzy poem installation – BAFA site

Some more information on my background can be found at BAFA.There is a photograph of a lovely installation done using my poetry by Sonja at this same site – so please go have a browse through the BAFA site. The Baha'i Association for the Arts has some helpful links and is a free service toContinue reading “Dizzy poem installation – BAFA site”

Diligent Indolence

Extract from a poetic review of Archives in the Land a blog by Ron Price …. Sitting, standing, breathing here at this online gallery letting the space, the photographs, the forms, the varied shapes, the words, bounce off my sensory emporium like art works around the walls of an art gallery: people I hardly knowContinue reading “Diligent Indolence”