Diaspora is launched. So magical to be in the presence of so many of the contributors and supporters. Weaving stories of spaces once daydreamed in, spaces that challenge, spaces of becoming – who we are today spaces to create belonging – where we can all sit around a table and weave the future we wantContinue reading “Diaspora”

The Drago Tree

Isobel Blackthorn was born in London and has lived in Spain, Lanzarote, (Canary Islands), and Australia. She’s been a teacher, market trader, project manager and PA to a literary agent. Isobel received her PhD in Social Ecology in 2006. She now lives in rural New South Wales where she follows her passions for social justice, philosophy, current affairs, books and art.Continue reading “The Drago Tree”

Hairy Harold & his extraordinary trip to NY, Children’s book

I just couldn’t wait till next week to blog this!  So for this week two blogs. I’ve been doing this incredible course with Mira Riseberg and Jed Alexander about so many things to do with the self publishing. To find out more see Children’s Book Academy.   During homework this week we were researching inspiringContinue reading “Hairy Harold & his extraordinary trip to NY, Children’s book”

Author Anxiety – What Do I Call Myself?

IMAGE CREDIT: AVR Dreamer Creative Commons Lately I’ve been noticing some anxiety among writers about what they should call themselves. There are so many terms now and some of them quite official (especially when applying for grants) – emerging writer, established author, aspiring author, aspiring writer, published writer, published author, unpublished writer. Some don’t wantContinue reading “Author Anxiety – What Do I Call Myself?”

Blogging Your Book Away – How Much is Too Much?

Originally posted on Tribalmystic Stories:
Will posting chapters and parts of your book on your blog take away from your publishing success? I have been told often that I should save more of my blog posts to include in my memoir. Usually this advice comes from people who love and care for me. I really…