Alphabet Father and Son

Alphabet father and son pram wheels in late afternoon breeze symbols of something the poet thinks ‘perhaps they’re keys – transfigured new age men.’ Robed in garments: peace and love beaming virtues of transforming light into actions of might – guiding generations on their way. (c) June Perkins This poem may develop further or intoContinue reading “Alphabet Father and Son”

Shadows into Light

There are days when you can play with shadows to see the light you can find these on journeys past cane and fallen down trees. Life has corners you can’t see twists and turns still photography. Sometimes we don’t see connections We go and miss the shimmering. Sometimes we don’t see the beauty We’ve forgottenContinue reading “Shadows into Light”

Sorry Poem – Miranda speaks to her lost child

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
i am sorry my lost one that choosing a name for you has taken so long it’s just we had to find it for you when we were swimming in the butterfly tears i thought i knew it before you were born but we you were here and gone so…