5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft

Once we have beaten writer’s block, found our stories, and drafted them, then comes the intense process of editing. This is where we put ourselves to the mirror as writers and start to notice the blemishes and strong sides of our writing. Over time there are rules that we learn from editors, teachers, readers, bloggersContinue reading “5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft”

Creatavist – a place for digital stories

Time for Saturday writing sagas to begin again. I have discovered the joys of building on creatavist. You can check out my creations there by visiting Gumbootspearlz Creatavist. Now keen to start putting sound and media into the next creations. I have been working hard to understand ebook formatting options and ereaders and applications. FinallyContinue reading “Creatavist – a place for digital stories”

Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild

Sally A Knornschild is one of the Soul food bloggers I met  on the Serpentine Road, through Heather Blakey’s creative story worlds maze  and writing trigger blogs. She was a great support when I first set out into the world of blogging and then more creative fantastical writing.  It was  interesting to hear how she feels about writing.Continue reading “Being Visible, being understood, Sally A. Knornschild”

Keeping the Magic Alive: Writing Sagas Guest Dimity Powell

It was a real pleasure to catch up with Dimity Powell, who I meet with online every Monday for the Monday Writing Sprint Group.  This was the first time we’ve had a phone conversation.  Her passion and commitment to writing came through like a shining light in the conversation. She even, without me asking, generouslyContinue reading “Keeping the Magic Alive: Writing Sagas Guest Dimity Powell”

Making the most of the spoonfuls of health- Talitha Kalago author of LifeSphere

It is a great honour to welcome Talitha Kalago as a guest blogger to Writing Sagas.   Here’s her take on making the most of your health, and the sacrifices she makes to embrace a writing life. I am chronically ill. So chronically ill, that on a bad week I can’t cook for myself, cleanContinue reading “Making the most of the spoonfuls of health- Talitha Kalago author of LifeSphere”