Writing Visually: Writing Sagas 14

  This morning I began working on words to go with some of my collage art and the picture that accompanies this post was inspired by some time spent with one of my friends at the beach with her sons.   I find this way of working is a good way to keep my creativityContinue reading “Writing Visually: Writing Sagas 14”

A Sunset Break: Writing Sagas 13

This week has been so busy that blogging has had to take a back seat.  I’m trying to FINISH things.   Ever had that problem of being a great starter but a slack finisher.  I realise I have really fallen into that danger and it’s time to climb out of it! I did a creativeContinue reading “A Sunset Break: Writing Sagas 13”

Creating across art forms: Writing Sagas 12

So this week’s writing sagas is a day late, and the reasons, I’ve been busy working in other art forms and this week my youngest was very ill and I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Today I reflect on how the various forms of art ripple in my everyday life. I’ve been creatingContinue reading “Creating across art forms: Writing Sagas 12”

Preparing the Way, Foundations to Creativity:Saturday Writing Sagas 11

Today’s inspiration for writing comes from my artist friend Sally Moroney.  She makes amazing art, baskets, paintings, necklaces – and is a wealth of knowledge in so many things to do with making and exhibiting art. My daughter and I went to visit her today to find out about an upcoming youth exhibition. She showedContinue reading “Preparing the Way, Foundations to Creativity:Saturday Writing Sagas 11”

Letting the Genie out of the Bottle: Saturday Writing Sagas 10

So finally I’m commencing a novel.  I want it to be like letting a genie out of a magic bottle. However, I don’t want to resort to a misuse of magic in all my plot turns; there is still a need for good set ups and lead in and I would like some originality. ThisContinue reading “Letting the Genie out of the Bottle: Saturday Writing Sagas 10”