Travelling beyond the shores- Geography web surf

look at what i found Originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz. In second year high school my social studies teacher was horrified because most of the class did not know their geography. So she gave us a crash course, and we had to memorize the maps and fill them in. We also did a special project onContinue reading “Travelling beyond the shores- Geography web surf”

Finding out about Rainforests in Australia

pathways to peace Originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz. In my web wanderings today I found some wonderful educational work on Rainforests. The Wet Tropics Management Authority on their website have had permission to put PDF of fact sheets on many topics, such as bats, butterflies, foodchains, plants- and on top of this there is a teacherContinue reading “Finding out about Rainforests in Australia”

Maths on line- interactive sites

Today I went looking for fun interactive activities for children to learn about maths on line.   I thought it would be helpful to save my findings here for any other parents who are looking for the same kinds of materials and to remind myself and my kids what sites are fun for them to visit. Continue reading “Maths on line- interactive sites”

Brain Food – sites for parents and educators

blueearthOriginally uploaded by gumbootspearlz. There are many resources available on the internet to support the education of children. It is overwhelming at times to navigate it all.  A few good key words and off I go. When I find a good site I bookmark it to try to remember to visit again. Whilst looking for someContinue reading “Brain Food – sites for parents and educators”

Baha’i Principles – site review

Baha’is will let you know of their Faith, because it is a beautiful gift they should not hide from you. They will tell you or show you more about it if you are interested. People are welcome to attend meetings and to visit the Houses of Worship in places like Sydney, India and Samoa. TodayContinue reading “Baha’i Principles – site review”