A Long Way From Misery

Jacqui Halpin is an Australian children’s author whose stories have won prizes in writing competitions and been published in anthologies. She attributes her love of storytelling to her father, Jack Turner. ‘Listening to the amazing adventures Dad had growing up stirred my imagination and transported me back to his world,’ Jacqui says. Jacqui has co-writtenContinue reading “A Long Way From Misery”

A Day with a Song Writer – Saturday Writing Sagas

So a break from ebooks for this week, and a break from home on Friday to spend a day listening to some of the original songs of Melinda Irvine and working on the art of portrait photography. Melinda was doing her best to forget the camera was in my hand as she played sitting atContinue reading “A Day with a Song Writer – Saturday Writing Sagas”

Fishytopia- A Play by Max and Julidali

  Scene 1.Tim the turtle: I wish I had a friend.  Hey YOU!  Whale.  Be my friend or else! Wayne the whale:  I wouldn’t be the friend of someone who talkedto me like that. Tim the turtle: Well there’s plenty of other fish in the sea you know.  (Swims off) Wayne the whale: A lotContinue reading “Fishytopia- A Play by Max and Julidali”