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Over the last few months I have been voluntarily doing some storytelling in a school.

I am always looking for ideas and stories and have been searching websites for some interesting things about the art of storytelling.

As I approach sharing stories with the children I am thinking about how this can enhance their learning and literacy and enjoyment of listening to and making up and telling others stories.

Of course I have always read and made up stories for my children. We even play some games commonly played like you say a line, I say a line.

I hope that sometime I can attend some workshops on storytellers and meet and discuss with other storytellers. For now I have joined some discussion groups and am just observing what things they talk about and the kinds of events that storytellers participate in.

There is something about telling a story rather than just reading it that can be quite dynamic. Years ago I was in a short term multicultural storytelling group and we worked with props to tell our stories. It was quite a lot of fun and I learnt heaps. Funny how life comes full circle.

Photographs can prompt stories too! I like this photograph because of the patterns on the leaves. They look like they have been written on in spidery cursive writing. They are trying to tell a story, or maybe they are a magic spell left there by a fairy. Storytellers and writers to me make the most of everything they come into contact with, memories, family stories, fairy stories, things they have read etc. etc.