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The first supply of hard cover Illuminations is arriving Tuesday and is almost sold out, so now taking orders for a second one.

If you want the hard cover, dust cover jacket version in Australia, please let me know and I will start to take some orders for that now. 😉

UK and US you can order your hard cover soon will be putting links up on the site next week.

Announcing some library suppliers, and bookshops stocking it soon.

Just letting you know we are holding off on direct author deliveries to New Zealand and Canada just yet.

If you know a bookstore in those countries,wanting to supply the book so that you and others can then buy it then direct them to Ingram Spark. It is already available to bookshops and libraries in soft cover through them!

Images in today’s blog by IVI Designs😉

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Illuminations Launching

Magic Fish Dreaming

My new poetry book,Illuminations is about to be released.

This collection captures the wonder of the act of creation,

the burst of excitement associated with the birth of the new,

and the challenges and sacrifice involved in bringing inspiration to fruition.

Launching June 20, 2020

Author: June Perkins

Illustrators:  Ruha and Minaira Fifita

Target Age: 13 to 100 years plus

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9780980731194 (paperback)

ISBN: 9780648720508 (hard cover, dustcover)

6 X 9 inches

Publication Date: 20/6/2020

80 pages


$23.95 AUD Paperback

$36.95  AUD Hardcover

To purchase head to be my author website, Australian Preorders are open now. I will set up payment on this site as well soon, but for now click through to my author website

The above poem featured in In Your Hands Red Room Poetry Project

More information to come in the following weeks.

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The Common Ground

I am continuing my readings on Instagram.

This piece was written a while ago, but seems apt at this moment, where fear can lead to conflict and despair and isolation might lead to feeling disconnected.

Courage and love – can have greater power – if we listen to the Beloved.

Love to all.

June XXX