Seeing Old Friends

In November-December of this year I journeyed to South Australia.

Ripple Poetry

20191124_201427 June Perkins and Maurice Nicholsen

There has been little time to keep up with the blog, but a lot of writing has been happening off line.

During November and December I travelled to South Australia to research the story of Uncle Fred Murray.

I kept a travel journal whilst in South Australia researching the story of Uncle Fred Murray and friends. It ended up about 20 thousand words of reflections, questions and discoveries.  Some of it may be part of the book I end up writing.

During my time there I met up with an old friend Maurice Nicholsen.  Maurice is working on writing his life story. It has been 18 years since I last saw Maurice. How quickly time passes. We discussed some ways he could start writing his story and the main thing being to do a bit each day, and use triggers of photographs, as well as…

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Celebratory, Creative, Connecting – New Dawn

A joyous celebration!

Be Illumined

The New Dawn event held on Tuesday 29th of October  2019, at the Victoria Golf Club Gala room, Herston, featured several artists from the wider community, who together with their families joined us to commemorate the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab and the Twin Birthday celebration of the birth of Bahau’llah.

Guest artists from the wider community included: the mesmerising students from local Nateshvarkala Bharata Natyam Dance school, Virat, Dwani, Tharaniah and Tiya, QUMS and singer Ayesha.

Bringing to the event a high level of excellence,  their performing arts practice was greatly appreciated and treasured by those gathered.

Alongside them Baha’i performers Logan, Hannah and Bea, Benjamin and Kevin and family shared their talents.

This was interspersed with excerpts from the films Dawn of the Light, and Light to the World, short talks on the theme of community building and the playing of messages in the Australian parliament honouring…

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750 is now up!

I was so honoured to send some photographs to be part of this.

Be Illumined

750 is on exhibition from 14-24 October 2019 at the Ronald Williams Library art gallery space, Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), 5500 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago, IL 60625.

Mon-Thu 8AM-10:45PM
Fri 8AM-6PM
Sat 9AM-5PM
Sun 12PM-8PM

Nancy reports:
Hanging the 750 art installation took a bit of time on Sunday afternoon but we finished in time for the 2019 Art in Response to Violence art exhibit, which opened today!

Please join us for the reception on Thursday, October 17, 2019, which includes a tour of all the art pieces. Meet us at 6pm @ Ronald Williams Library art gallery @ NEIU, 5500 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago, IL.

See a beautiful write up for this project here

Finally, here is a closer view of some of the photographs.

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Poetry Book on its way!

A new poetry book on its way.

Ripple Poetry

Above is a sneak peek of the art works in response to my latest poetry book project – Illuminations: 19 Poems and 1 Story.

This is a collaboration between Gumbootspearlz Press and  IVI Designs.

It features several meaningful art works in a doodle style by Ruha and Minaira Fifita and 19 poems and 1 story, by June Perkins.

‘The incredible intuitiveness of June Perkins takes the reader on a flight through spirituality, art, illumination and meditation in this insightful gathering of poetry and story. If we allow our spirit to soar to the heights she beckons, we might all reach new beginnings and destinies. Permit the magic of ‘The Artist’s Riddle’ and ‘Dust’, just as an entree, to glide you into the ‘Slipstream’ of what may lie beyond your own consciousness. Her ‘fragrant words’ beckon and invite you to embrace everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. So become you…

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