For Tahirih

“And the skies that breathe navy blue” In Faith Be a hollow reed Waiting for melodies And the notes that breathe skies And the skies that breathe navy blue And the navy blue that breathes sea And the sea the breathes woman And the woman that breathes of your unveiling and peeling away That skinContinue reading “For Tahirih”

Brighter Futures for the Young

  My major concern for Australia at the moment is how we support and nurture our youth, this will be occupying my thoughts and actions as we head into the next decade. Partly because of course I will have three teenagers next year, but also because I am thinking of all the nations and worldsContinue reading “Brighter Futures for the Young”

The First Grader

The First Grader

Just watched an awesome movie about never being too old to learn, the inspiring story of Maruge.  The synopsis gives you the general gist of this film based on a true story.

It has some brilliant turning points to watch out for and is one of those films you will never forget watching.  How many more inspiring stories like this are they out there.  The colonial rule of the past is something with far reaching consequences if it is too quickly forgotten, and education is a tool to building a new future in Kenya.

This story reminds me of how privileged many people in our world are, and how others have very limited resources but make the most of every opportunity given to them to learn.  Jane Obinchu, the teacher, who gives Maruge the opportunity to go to Primary school, even though he is eighty four, is an awe inspiring lady, and reminds you of just what a difference great teachers can make in their communities.

I reccomend this film highly to anyone who ever feels they are too old to learn something or make a difference or who is trying to find the courage to stand up for what is right.


Affirmations: Dreaming in the Cane

Today I call myself an artist. I protect the copyrights of my work. I will keep forging ahead with my creative spirit, Seeking to invent, innovate, dream, reinvent, and make I will trust who I am and want to be. I will reach out in a spirit of collaboration to those I trust. I willContinue reading “Affirmations: Dreaming in the Cane”