Wonder a Day 27: Finishing the Challenge~!

Looking beyond – June Perkins

Finishing is an awesome feeling when it is as the end of  an exam period, a large project, a house build, writing a novel, a university degree, a PhD or something similar.

There’s a sense of achievement and a time to be laid back and enjoy the product of all that work.

This blog challenge has ended with 27 wonders!

You probably remember me saying that I didn’t want to blog everyday next month – that is for two reasons; firstly I want to do more in depth blogs; secondly I want to invest time in editing a  few books, mapping out and researching a novel to start mid year, and writing some stories.

The down side of blogging every day is that you can’t put as much work into each individual blog if you have a lot of other things to do.

So my next month’s challenge  – drum roll please –  is to create two blogs a week (total of 8 blog for the month) that are all interconnected in some way.

I will create a  seriel of some kind – I have not set the genre yet – that will happen tomorrow morning when I wake up.  I want to write something original, probably fictional and will make a big effort to bust those cliches, and turn them inside out just like the family’s writing hero Terry Pratchett does.  He is hilarious!  To do this will require placing a deliberate cliche in a story and then turning it inside out.  Yes, a month of cliche busting on its way, that has to be a good idea for a writer – yes!

I’ll throw in another review of ABC Open – somewhere in the middle of my challenge just for relief.  There are a lot of educational photography blogs coming in, and the photography ones are brilliant.

I have a feeling my story is going to have a photographer in it, but other than that I have no idea what is going to happen, but I will reflect on the creative process in each days blog as I go – a self reflexive journey ! Hmm that might be fun too.

So there you have it next months challenge:

8 blogs

With some cliche busting and self reflection on the process of creating the story (maybe not in each and every blog, but just when something inspiring happens.)

One ABC Open review for relief  and mid blog challenge break.  Here we go bring on February!

 Are you setting yourself challenges? 

Why not let me know, would love to know what they are and how you are doing, post a link and inspire others?

Wonder a Day 26: Ten Lessons from Two Determined Tennis Players

tournament 1
Young players waiting for a junior tournament – June Perkins

Novak Djokovic versus Rafael Nadal – what a match, such determination.  The greatest tennis match I’ve ever watched.

Neither player giving up.

You write one off and he’s back up again.  Unbelievably long rallies.

Nadal on his knees after winning a set.

It was just like the movie Rocky – only they were both Rocky.

But the funniest moment for me was them trying to stand through the speeches at the end and almost passing out, with their eyes rolling, ‘let’s get this over with,’until someone brought them chairs and a drink realising they might just be exhausted.

And yet when it came to speech time they were gracious and remembered to thank everyone they were supposed to, not cutting their speeches short at all.

What can junior tennis players, and others striving for brilliance in their chosen field,learn from this match?

1) Strive for Excellence.

2) Make sure you are super fit.

3) Never, and I mean never, give up.

4) Be gallant in defeat.

5) Be worthy of the respect of your opponent (don’t make it easy for them).

6) It doesn’t matter if you have quirky moves that everyone discusses on facebook, be yourself.

7)  Use ingenuity – and mixing it up when things aren’t working.

8) You do not need to use excessive grunting to win a game.

9) Don’t forget to thank everyone in a thankyou speech.

10) Woo the crowd, but with your tennis exploits!

Only one day to go for the blog a day challenge – woo hoo,  wonder what my wonder a day tomorrow will be – check in tomorrow morning to find out.

(c) June Perkins

Wonder a Day 25: Reflections/Reflecting

Walking with Simon and Mum2
Reflections at Mission Beach – June Perkins

Reflecting – to throw or bend back light from a surface, to make manifest, to give back or show an image or sound
Reflection – a fixing of thoughts on something

water lillies..

Today’s wonder is the power of reflection – to understand something that was once unknown

– a power to meditate

– a power to uncover

As you reflect on 2011, summer or winter of sorrow may be there, but what else will you see reflected back

and what does that say about how you see the world

your past, present and future ?

(c) June Perkins

Wonder a Day 24: Australians

Australia a home for all people, but looking for peace within with some of its first people.

australiaday first day perkins 015-006

Travelling overseas we find out what others truly think of us, and sometimes it might shock us to know we are seen as a racist nation when we think of all nations within our nation.
australiaday first day perkins 237-007Small country towns have made a place for all peoples, and striven hard to attract, employ and make sure they feel at home in their new homes far from their birthlands.

australiaday first day perkins 012-007But there is a space for coming together for all peoples, and despite the debates many make a place for friendship with all peoples, first in this land, latest in this land.  The land does not discriminate but offers up its surface for all to walk on, and its beauty for all to enjoy.

DSC_0811And there are those who serve quietly and humbly – thinking of others before themselves. They are ever searching for the happiness of others, and in that is their own.  They show all of us how to be and inspire us to rethink who we are as Australians, as world citizens.

australiaday first day perkins 020And the youth will make a new future, reach out across all boundaries and take up our cultures within culture and meld it into something we don’t  yet fully know, or let’s hope so because no person, no cultures, no culture can reach perfection and understanding is the beginning of the journey for perfection.  It’s alright to have a good laugh along the way.  Joy makes us think more clearly – make our futures more dearly.

My wonder for today – Australians, and the Australia that could be.

(c) June Perkins

Wonder a Day 23: Snake Handlers

snake man - Les
Les Harris – The Snake Man

Today’s wonder has to be snake handlers.

I have to thank Les Harris from Cardwell for coming and removing a 1.7 Brown Tree  Snake from one of our bird cages (after it had a breakfast of our dearly beloved quails.)

This snake is according to Wildlife Answers

Commonness: Common

Danger: Non-venomous However bites can cause serious  reactions especially in young children.
Common in and around Brisbane. Adults feed mainly on birds, including birds in cages. Active at night.

Diet: small birds and eggs, occasionally small mammals

Les took the opportunity to do a short talk and first aid basics for the kids at the primary school just next door and gave his card to the Principal if any more snakes be found.

I think the kids at the school will all be wearing their shoes and keeping a look out for any thing slippering and slinky today.

Les’s advice if I see any more, leave them alone they usually just go away, or maybe squirt with a hose, or gently shoo of with a broom handle, don’t get to close….

Will leave the rest of this story  for a post I think I’ll write for ABC open about our morning with a brown tree snake.  Will let you know if it gets posted.

It might be timely with so many of them hanging around.  I think this post like the snakes will need a bit of care – and I need time to tell the story really well – but honestly if you don’t like snakes and the thought of removing them – snake handlers are a WONDER not to mention a good precaution if you are not sure how to tell if its venomous.

Do you have a story about snakes?  The kids at the primary school certainly did!

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.