Wonder a Day 27: Finishing the Challenge~!

Finishing is an awesome feeling when it is as the end of  an exam period, a large project, a house build, writing a novel, a university degree, a PhD or something similar. There’s a sense of achievement and a time to be laid back and enjoy the product of all that work. This blog challengeContinue reading “Wonder a Day 27: Finishing the Challenge~!”

Wonder a Day 26: Ten Lessons from Two Determined Tennis Players

Novak Djokovic versus Rafael Nadal – what a match, such determination.  The greatest tennis match I’ve ever watched. Neither player giving up. You write one off and he’s back up again.  Unbelievably long rallies. Nadal on his knees after winning a set. It was just like the movie Rocky – only they were both Rocky.Continue reading “Wonder a Day 26: Ten Lessons from Two Determined Tennis Players”

Wonder a Day 25: Reflections/Reflecting

Reflecting – to throw or bend back light from a surface, to make manifest, to give back or show an image or sound Reflection – a fixing of thoughts on something Today’s wonder is the power of reflection – to understand something that was once unknown – a power to meditate – a power toContinue reading “Wonder a Day 25: Reflections/Reflecting”

Wonder a Day 24: Australians

Australia a home for all people, but looking for peace within with some of its first people. Travelling overseas we find out what others truly think of us, and sometimes it might shock us to know we are seen as a racist nation when we think of all nations within our nation. Small country townsContinue reading “Wonder a Day 24: Australians”

Wonder a Day 23: Snake Handlers

Today’s wonder has to be snake handlers. I have to thank Les Harris from Cardwell for coming and removing a 1.7 Brown Tree  Snake from one of our bird cages (after it had a breakfast of our dearly beloved quails.) This snake is according to Wildlife Answers Commonness: Common Danger: Non-venomous However bites can causeContinue reading “Wonder a Day 23: Snake Handlers”