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In second year high school my social studies teacher was horrified because most of the class did not know their geography. So she gave us a crash course, and we had to memorize the maps and fill them in. We also did a special project on one particular country.

My kids have always loved their atlases but as they have not yet travelled, well except to New Zealand and around Australia. I don’t want them to have their sos teachers horrified at their general knowledge. Besides which I think it’s great from them to understand different cultures and places, especially because of the diversity in Australia.   I do hope we soon take them further than New Zealand.

A lady I heard do a lot of public speaking used to say in “Australia we can travel the whole world within our nation”- and I think that’s so true, especially when you live in the big cities of Australia for any length of time. Although rural areas are becoming increasingly culturally diverse.

I came across several sites that would be helpful in teaching my kids to learn their geography.  

You can print outline maps from it, and labelled maps for Australia, South, North and Central America, Europe and Africa. This means the kids can colour them in, and then try and label the blank one when they know it and test themselves. If they laminate them they can test themselves again and again by writing on their unlabelled blank one with a marker!

Another one of my favourite sites, which I must admit I haven’t visited for a while is Kidzone.  

It has a section on geography and of course several other subjects. Its geography section includes,Canada, Egypt, and the United States.

The DLT website  has several crafts and activities for classrooms doing around the world themes- Australia, Canada, Native American, China, Denmark, Hawaii, Egypt, Greece, India, Norway, Spain are some of the places linked with. Some of it’s not up my alley (too much use of toilet paper rolls?) but some of its useful. I like the Australian and Egyptian sections as they have some really interesting activities, like writing your name in heiroglypics, anagrams

First School is great for preschooler activities on geography and language  It has topics like Nursery Rhymes and Fables. Why not start them understanding the diversity of the world from a young age!

Finding out about Rainforests in Australia

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In my web wanderings today I found some wonderful educational work on Rainforests.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority on their website have had permission to put PDF of fact sheets on many topics, such as bats, butterflies, foodchains, plants- and on top of this there is a teacher and students resource with units for Prep through to year 8 which make use of many creative teaching and thinking strategies, just as thinking hats, bloom gardeners matrix, the multiple intelligences, games, composing poetry, and role plays to explore issues of caring for the rainforest and the nature of the wildlife and fauna there.

If you are a teacher or parent wanting to educate your children about the Rainforest in Australia this is a great site for supporting you in your in efforts. If you want to also see creative teaching methods applied to a particular teaching unit this is a very interesting site that demonstrates this.  I can’t wait to encourage my own kids to explore this site and  do some of the activities on it, particularly as they are studying plants and food chains at the moment.  There is also in the rainforest explorer units a consideration of Aboriginal people living in the wet tropics environment.