Extending Evening Similies

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Curtains of Mystery Curtains are like eye lids that open and shut. Eye lids are bridges between night and day. Day is longing for freedom to dream. Dream is unpicking the thread of daylight meaning. Meaning is smiling its mystery. (c) June Perkins 27/ 04/2019 These blogs are to explore…

Middle Grade Fiction with Gabrielle Wang

At the recent packed annual SCWIBI Queensland  Professional Development Workshop, I  appreciated Gabrielle Wang sharing her creative process with us. She gave us some inventive and wonderful ideas to improve our work in second drafts and shared her personal story of the importance of perseverance and the value of a mentor and challenge.  Do visitContinue reading “Middle Grade Fiction with Gabrielle Wang”

The Poet at Play 2 – ‘Dream’ in many languages

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I was writing a poem today, and wanted to name a character. For inspiration I looked at an old poem of mine, and borrowed its structure, but then the poem soon had a life of its own.  Sorry can’t tell you which one, as it is top secret. I decided…

The Poet at Play 1

If you don’t like knowing the secrets to conjuring tricks read no further.  But if you like to have an insight into how to do them then you will like this series, the poet at play. In this series I explore how the poet, and creative writer can make their words more powerfully appear onContinue reading “The Poet at Play 1”

Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft

I am looking down the pathway of writing my way to the mountain of my completed first draft. Using my plan and outline as a map and continuing to read books that inspire me when I become stuck, I have reached my fourth chapter. I am following the plan, but letting the characters help meContinue reading “Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft”