Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft

I am looking down the pathway of writing my way to the mountain of my completed first draft. Using my plan and outline as a map and continuing to read books that inspire me when I become stuck, I have reached my fourth chapter. I am following the plan, but letting the characters help meContinue reading “Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft”

Stockings, Broomsticks and Friendship: Writing Inspired by Childhood books

  During February I spent the month revising workshops and resources about structure as well as beginning a quest to re-read some of my favourite childhood books.¬† I also began to locate more contemporary books for middle grades and youth to unravel for their structure and best features. I am putting enormous amounts of effortsContinue reading “Stockings, Broomsticks and Friendship: Writing Inspired by Childhood books”

Visual Poetry Workshop: Summer Reading Program Brisbane Libraries

These works were created in a two hour workshop with June Perkins and Helene Magisson for the Summer of Reading Program with the Brisbane libraries, held January 2018. The host libraries were Chermside and Toowong.   The above photographs¬† of the art are shared with consent of artist/writers and taken by Helene Magisson. A bigContinue reading “Visual Poetry Workshop: Summer Reading Program Brisbane Libraries”