Ten Things About Poetry and Me: J.R.Poulter/J.R.McRae

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
1.What is  your earliest memory of poetry? I’m told, I knew all my nursery rhymes by heart before I went to Kindergarten. So someone, possibly my mother or maternal grandmother, taught me. My love of verse came from listening, firstly, to my father recite comic verses by Lewis Carroll and…

The Fix- it-Man

ISBN  9781925335347   Hardcover Picture Book   EK Books Endorsed by Paradise Kids It is a challenge to cover the deeper topics in life for young children in a way that is relatable, honest and caring, but Dimity Powell’s The Fix -it-Man sets out to do just that.   Nicky Johnston’s gentle, joyful and equally caring illustrations take theContinue reading “The Fix- it-Man”

Art Class

I have been delighted to have some work published at Australian Children’s Poetry blog.   Art Class For Vincent’s  ‘The  Starry,  Starry Night’   Outlines crash into swirls Miss Del Amico asks, what do you see? Is that a sky of blue curls? Outlines crash into swirls Time to dive for some pearls Will IContinue reading “Art Class”

Blog Blasting The Fix-it-Man

Welcome to my contribution to the The Fix-it-Man blog blast! You can find more sneak peak posts  and sneak reviews TODAY at all the following super cool online spaces where people review and interview authors.   Kids’ Book Review – Tania McCartney – review Creative Kids’ Tales – Georgie Donaghey – + Tours at theContinue reading “Blog Blasting The Fix-it-Man”