Betty Cabral Collerson: Captivated by Nature

Betty, the eldest of six children, was born and raised in Belém, a town on the mouth of the Amazon River, Brazil. Her childhood included some amazing incidents, like when she woke up in the middle of the night with a spider monkey prancing in  her bedroom. At sixteen, by choice,  she went to liveContinue reading “Betty Cabral Collerson: Captivated by Nature”

Last Chance: Magic Fish Dreaming Pledges

The kickstarter has just 3 days to go. We are currently at $9491AUD and would love to make it to $10,000AUD if we can – Anything more would be amazing as we would dearly like to print the book hard cover, but we are so thrilled with how much we have been able to raiseContinue reading “Last Chance: Magic Fish Dreaming Pledges”

Befriend a Child in Detention

If you see this card around, flip it over and have a peak! Anyone concerned about the mandatory detention of children can sign their name on the back and send it off the to PM. ‪#‎FreeTheChildren‬ (from the Avant Card facebook page) “Many thanks to Avant Card who have generously supported Befriend a Child inContinue reading “Befriend a Child in Detention”

PiBoIdMo Day 11: Joe McGee Lives in a Child’s World (plus a prize!)

Originally posted on Writing for Kids (While Raising Them):
by Joe McGee Inspiration…that’s what we’re here to discuss, isn’t it? To bandy around, to kick back and forth like a dented Campbell’s soup can on a weed-choked school blacktop. You know, the kind of blacktop where a hundred little sneakers will soon be racing around,…

My Progress in PiBoIdMo

It’s the perfect time to be doing PiBoIdMo for me.   Why?   No more tutoring for the year, family still at school, a quiet house during the day, my kickstarter that can’t quite start yet (few tasks but nearly there).  Finally the space to write. So where are the ideas brewing. This year isContinue reading “My Progress in PiBoIdMo”