Transcribing Notebooks

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My Notebook … Behind the scenes. Behind the absentee blogger. I’m filling my notebooks and then typing them up. I’m listening to the rain on our tin roof and watching a pigeon sheltering on the back porch top stair. It’s there all day. Today it is pouring. Today there are…

Extending Evening Similies

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Curtains of Mystery Curtains are like eye lids that open and shut. Eye lids are bridges between night and day. Day is longing for freedom to dream. Dream is unpicking the thread of daylight meaning. Meaning is smiling its mystery. (c) June Perkins 27/ 04/2019 These blogs are to explore…

Stockings, Broomsticks and Friendship: Writing Inspired by Childhood books

  During February I spent the month revising workshops and resources about structure as well as beginning a quest to re-read some of my favourite childhood books.  I also began to locate more contemporary books for middle grades and youth to unravel for their structure and best features. I am putting enormous amounts of effortsContinue reading “Stockings, Broomsticks and Friendship: Writing Inspired by Childhood books”

Outlining Time

At the moment my blogs will be brief as I settle in for outlining, planning scenes and then carrying out my writing projects. I had a couple of weeks in Melbourne with extended family and visited the Art Vo Immersive Gallery. I think after this experience I’ll imagine myself immersed in the worlds of myContinue reading “Outlining Time”

How to Be a Poet and Why not to be a Poet

The last time I was in this lecture theatre was for the launch of Lani Wendt Young’s latest book with the Pacific Community of Brisbane.  Today I am at a partnership event between the Queensland Poetry Festival and QUT, where they are hosting the poet,  Jeet Thayil. It’s a free public lecture, but there areContinue reading “How to Be a Poet and Why not to be a Poet”