Grass Skirt

Kilt clan patterns Mother’s hands twisting string for homemade video to keep tradition strong Once made from plants now plastic too Scratching identity from legs to ankles Calling out for head dress and for beads Bare feet beating dance on earth Sway and swish Past, present and future steps Given by my mother to sayContinue reading “Grass Skirt”

Art Class

I have been delighted to have some work published at Australian Children’s Poetry blog.   Art Class For Vincent’s  ‘The  Starry,  Starry Night’   Outlines crash into swirls Miss Del Amico asks, what do you see? Is that a sky of blue curls? Outlines crash into swirls Time to dive for some pearls Will IContinue reading “Art Class”

Shoeful of Rain

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Shoes and Blossoms – June Perkins “A shoeful of rain. a heart full of friendship: imagining a world connected with strands of love.” Above are some thoughts after meeting up with a friend at a cafe to talk about life, art, dreams – in our extremely busy schedules.…

Mother Made it So

To celebrate Mother’s Day.     I was a well groomed young lady because my mother always made it so. She stressed ironed clothes, well brushed hair, and the best selection of hand-me-downs and St Vincent Wear, with the occasional new bargain thrown in. Early photo albums always show her well dressed, but not conventionallyContinue reading “Mother Made it So”

Alphabet Father and Son

Alphabet father and son pram wheels in late afternoon breeze symbols of something the poet thinks ‘perhaps they’re keys – transfigured new age men.’ Robed in garments: peace and love beaming virtues of transforming light into actions of might – guiding generations on their way. (c) June Perkins This poem may develop further or intoContinue reading “Alphabet Father and Son”