Sneak Peek of the Teacher Notes: Magic Fish Dreaming

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Green Tree Frog – one of the many creatures mentioned in Magic Fish Dreaming DRAFT SAMPLE Suggested Activities Magic Fish Dreaming enhances the study of the natural world, encourages the exploration of poetry techniques,  inspires movement and acting and interests its readers in specific animals and habitat including, the…

CYA Conference – 10 Year Anniversary

CYA was; brilliant, entertaining, informative and educational.  I enjoyed catching up with talented artists and writers such as award winning Katrin Dreiling and Helene Magisson and listening to the amazing Morris Gleitzman. I did my first ever in person pitches to editors and agents. They were friendly, constructive, and helpful. I’m going to be busyContinue reading “CYA Conference – 10 Year Anniversary”

Leaping Forward – Kickstarting Dreams

This year I did one of the Children’s Book Academy Courses -‘ how to run a successful kickstarter campaign,’ with Mira Riseberg and Jed Alexander. It was brilliant for helping me focus on why I  write and in ‘kickstarting’ and skilling me to pick a  children’s book that would be suitable for launching with aContinue reading “Leaping Forward – Kickstarting Dreams”

We Found Love

I love listening to music when writing. My daughter’s a huge fan of anything Lindsey Stirling (awesome violinist and video storyteller) and introduced me to the world of Lindsey in youtube videos. I spent a lot of this afternoon listening and sometimes watching many of Lindsey’s videos. I love how she collaborates with people fromContinue reading “We Found Love”

Reminder Notes and the Beads of Time.

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Sophie’s Beads – These are my friend’s Beads .. they are very precious to her. This image makes me think of her, proud Kalkadoon woman. Forever making notes; writing down lists of things to do, remembering the phrase ‘the inbox is never empty.’ So much to learn; so…