Mentoring Reference

2012-06-28 danceforrecovery 172_ok

(Creative Image by June Perkins of my Workshop in Progress)

I love the sensitivity that June brings into a creative work space where the subjects are focused and no direction is necessary but technical suggestions are subtle and welcomed.

She honours everyone’s story as being unique, with no judgement or preconceived ideas.

She is willing to experiment with abstract ideas and go further to extend her knowledge just to fill any gaps.

Her dedication to polish the desired outcome is both professional and realistic.

I welcomed her experience into my project idea, Shadow Boxer, and the collaboration was extremely successful.

I miss this talented individual and have yet to find anyone to fill the gap in this far north region.

She became my inspiration as well as an honoured mentor.

Danielle Wilson, Dance Practitioner for health, expression, and healing all ages

Dance for Recovery


Danielle’s, Shadow Boxer, please leave comments on her youtube page.

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