A Guide to my Online Publishing Spaces

Realm of Glory – June Perkins


 Main spaces 

1. Website Gumbootspearlz http://juneperk.wix.com/gumbootspearlz

2. Home Blog   Pearlz Dreaming  https://pearlz.wordpress.com/  domain now addedhttps://gumbootspearlz.org/


Regular Project Blogs

1.  Ripple Poetry – https://ripplepoetry.wordpress.com/ – poetry [began as a project in Cardwell and continues as a shared poetry space for me and friends and reflects a lot on different poetry prompts.)

2.   Follow the Crow Song – https://northernlegend.wordpress.com/  – memoir [this is a tool to help me write my memoirs and explore the process of writing a memoir.  I connect with other memoir writers and family  and friends on this one]

3. https://gumbootpearlzphotography.wordpress.com/ – photography themed blogs

4. https://aussiebahaiblog.wordpress.com/  This blog is a compilation of Baha’i blogs from around the world.  A community project to encourage other bloggers with this spiritual and cultural heritage to blog with excellence

5. https://creativesoulsconverse.wordpress.com/  – interviews [I file all the interesting interviews from Pearlz Dreaming here.]  Not quite an anthology but almost?


Anthology Blogs – Folios and compilations

I have anthology blogs where I compile ongoing  collections -irregular publishing.

These are good for one off visits and I link them into my main blog.

 1. http://poetrybahai.blogspot.com.au/ – I add my favourite poems here

2. https://thousandhaikuhealingquest.wordpress.com/ – whenever I feel the need to haiku

3. https://smilewithin.wordpress.com/ – After Yasi book information

4. https://worldcitizendreaming.wordpress.com/  – poetry on spiritual themes shared here but infrequently.

5. https://juneperkinsgumbootspearlz.wordpress.com/ – sampler from all blogs – this is a portfolio blog


These are archived blogs that exist as publications  

I do not keep these anymore but they may be of interest

6. http://smilewithin.blogspot.com.au/ – Smile Within project blog

7. https://licualawrite.wordpress.com/ – early history of the Licuala Writers – They have their own facebook space now.

8. https://licualaintoorbit.wordpress.com/ – Into Orbit publication of Licuala Writers

9. Unity’s Garden https://unitysgarden.wordpress.com/ – Folio of links from other blogs


Fastest growing of my blogs – Ripple Poetry.  Pearlz Dreaming growing steadily.  Most interesting discussions occurring – Follow the Crow Song.

Would love to know what you think

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