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Northern Lights, the Soccer Lights and Magic Fish Dreaming Exchanged

Hooray ! Mail.

Magic Fish Dreaming

So happy to recieve two signed books this week, from Canada.

My dear friend Kim who was like an Aunty when I was growing up in Tasmania, gave Magic Fish Dreaming to her friend, Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak, author of Northern Lights the Soccer Lights and he gave her a signed copy of this and another one of his books, Hide and Sneak to give to me.

Thrilled to receive these today, with a note and some lovely photographs, card and pot holder from Kim herself, who is creative.

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Poetry in the Every Day

A poem inspired by a feather and cracked heels.

Ripple Poetry

Tread lightly

walk in softness

Photographs whilst walking

become source of reflection

inspiration and care on

days when I can’t walk.

Thread lightly

memories only a few days old

This feather nestled in

the surrounds of the park

a moment of grace

saying ‘stop and be with me’

Today my heels are in a  sorry state,

covered in antiseptic cream

band aids and slippers

and  still I can hardly tread

on ground.

So this what the little mermaid

meant when she said

‘I walk in pain.’

I must be content with scrolling

through the beauty  of my last walk in


just down the street.

Move lightly

swim in softness

So near and yet so far.

This soft feather a solace.

Move lightly

become softness.

And mystery is a feather

discovering its poetry.


(c) June Perkins

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