Poetry Book on its way!

A new poetry book on its way.

Ripple Poetry

Above is a sneak peek of the art works in response to my latest poetry book project – Illuminations: 19 Poems and 1 Story.

This is a collaboration between Gumbootspearlz Press and  IVI Designs.

It features several meaningful art works in a doodle style by Ruha and Minaira Fifita and 19 poems and 1 story, by June Perkins.

‘The incredible intuitiveness of June Perkins takes the reader on a flight through spirituality, art, illumination and meditation in this insightful gathering of poetry and story. If we allow our spirit to soar to the heights she beckons, we might all reach new beginnings and destinies. Permit the magic of ‘The Artist’s Riddle’ and ‘Dust’, just as an entree, to glide you into the ‘Slipstream’ of what may lie beyond your own consciousness. Her ‘fragrant words’ beckon and invite you to embrace everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. So become you…

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Published by Kookie!


So happy to share my story ‘The Park’  about a mysterious lady in the park, and the power of friendship and art, has been published by Kookie Magazine.

A hugh thank you to one of the editors Nicky and the rest of the team, for sharing this work.

You can preview the first part of the story and see the delightful illustration for it by Suzie Mason here KOOKIE PREVIEW

Rowhani School Showing their Love for the Environment!

Images from Julian Bluett- Rowhani Baha’i School in Vanuatu, showing their concern for the environment.


Today I am thinking particularly of all those  youth and children in the Pacific showing their love for the environment.

By canoe,  by dirt roads through the jungles, by banners of love, joy, and unity, they add their voices to all those in the world.

Even a big problem becomes small if all care.

Just because the Pacific is few in people doesn’t mean they aren’t important to our whole world, and that their voices shouldn’t be heard.

Love to all!

Listen to our youth and change the world with them for the future.


To Be As One Tree

Some background on the To Be As One Tree project.

Be Illumined

Three creatives, June (poet and author), Kalen (collage and mixed media, painting) and Sheridan (digital and visual arts) conceived an idea to contruct a paper/ sculpture to represent the unity of humanity and to explore the metaphors of trees in the Baha’i Writings.

Rather than making it alone they decided to make it a participatory art project in which everyone in their Brisbane neighbourhood could participate.

Kalen has designed and constructed the cardboard trunk, and the community have been invited to make the leaves to go on the tree.

Each leaf will be covered in art, poetry, wisdom, tributes to the Bab.

Paper for this purpose is being distributed, and families, core activity groups – Junior Youth and Youth, as well as the sector Feast and devotionals are all invited to make leaves.

June found a series of quotations from the Baha’i Writings, people could use for inspiring the spirit…

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