Ancient Modern

Reflecting on ancient and modern legacies and wondering what they will be?

Ripple Poetry


In the seventies

old souls with young faces

went looking for revolutions’ places

found heroes called Bob Dylan

looked in music for something

more than melody

danced with metaphors deep

and blue.

Now young souls with old faces

say, ‘Who on earth was he?’

and one wonders is there any

such thing as


to the old and young set in stone

are they open to change?

When will young faces have

young souls

and old souls have old faces

Or is it all a dreamer’s mask?

And a distraction to the true task

as we all face the fading of our bones.

To live the poet’s life

let the words

find the souls they belong to

doesn’t matter old or young

look beyond the face

listen to wisdom from every voice

keep alive the questioning of youth

and in the silence after sing

the open door.

(c June…

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Creative Kids Tales Story Collection 2

Ripple Poetry

So happy that this collection will be featuring two of my stories and one poem.

The project between 36 of CKT’s authors and illustrators, will be released in October 2019. There are 74 stories, poems and illustrations contained within to excite and enchant you.

Mostly available from CKT or the creatives within who may be doing local launches in their area. To pre-order your copy, please email

If you want to preorder care of me please email me before August 5th so I can organise this with my preorder of extra copies.

Watch this space and I will share details of launches across the country!

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From Prose to Poetry: Reinventing ‘The Bubble’ part 2: Morning Vignettes

I’ve decided to workshop some old notebook pieces from prose into poems. Here is the journey of one such piece, ‘The Bubble’. (There are two posts so far on this).

Ripple Poetry

Blowing Bubbles, by June Perkins

Before applying some ideas from yesterday, I decided

‘The Bubble’ needed to be examined for its observational strengths.

I took a different approach by trimming excess words and shaping them into stanzas.

Then I did a little bit of work on developing the bubble metaphor.

I added a new title  ‘Morning Vignettes.’

I am also thinking about ‘bubbles’ of memory such as in the photograph above in this post.

Draft 2 # The Bubble

Morning Vignettes

Lavender princess chats to her sister.

Mother, whose vigil is her third child

the baby in her pram, turns around to

makes sure they haven’t disappeared. 

Her protective gaze surrounds them

a bubble of protection

that could be broken.

School boys with ruffled shirts

caps tilted sideways

soft drinks in hand, call…

‘John, Josh…’

Friendship is their shield

and their challenge.

Their bubble is boisterous and loud.

Girls, with…

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Leave the Lonely Island

Time to share a poem!

Ripple Poetry

Leave the lonely island
Leave its hate
Leave its difficulties
And all its shores behind

Pick up
A stone of love
A stone of peace
A stone of hope
Throw a stone of mercy

Wrap them in a
Paper of compassion
Paper of justice
Paper of steadfastness
Papers telling the truth

Swallow loneliness
Swallow disconnection
Swallow shadows
So they leave this world

Spit out the barbed wire
Push down the guarded walls
Put up to
Keep the people out

Cut through the grass
Of misconceptions
of colour, religion and race that
History has grown long

Scissor your soul free
with all the suffering you have seen
Build soul force
Sail past all that becalms
the soul

Rise, rise, rise up
Fly, fly up, fly on..

Let freedom become ….
Let freedom ring
Let freedom sing
Let freedom be

(c) June Perkins, inspired by Martin Luther King, I have a…

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Spooktacular Stories Launch!

June Perkins is thrilled to have a poem ‘A few of my Scariest Things’ and a short story ‘Storm Girl’ published in this collection.

Ripple Poetry

Join us for spooky crafts, storytelling and

fundraising for brave kids in Aussie hospitals!

Official Launch

October 12th  2pm

Mad Hatters Bookshop

Manly, Queensland

Details Here

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