Temily Calabro – Work in Progress

Works in Progress – Illumine

Be Illumined

Temily Calabro has been sharing the journey of the creation of her works at Temily Means Peace Art

Temily is a visual artist who currently resides around the QLD NSW borderlands. She has lived the life of a true world citizen born in Tasmania with an childhood in southern Africa and Fiji, she has lived and worked in Tonga, America, Canada and Mexico. Temily currently works as a Primary School teacher and continues to create art on a regular basis, often doing commissions. She has exhibited in Brisbane, Tasmania, Kiama, Nukualofa and Samoa. She works in a variety of media such as tapa, canvas, print making and ceramic sculpture.

You can book for a Mandala workshop with Temily on Saturday October 7th 2017.

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Illumine – Art and Performance Ruha Fifita

One of the artists featured in Illumine.

Be Illumined

Art Work by Ruha Fifita

Ruha Fifita

Ruha Fifita was born in Vava’u, Tonga, in 1990 and has spent most of her life with her family in Vava’u, Ha’apai, and Tongatapu. In 2006 she co-founded ON THE SPOT (OTS), an arts organisation aimed at exploring and utilising the arts as a tool for community building. She sees Tongan culture as a living entity and hopes her artwork inspires young people to take ownership of it. Ruha has a degree in Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. She is currently Pacific Arts Research Assistant for the GOMA and is extensively involved in community building in the Goodna and scenic rim area.

Interviews with Ruha
SBS interview with Ruha Fifita and Robin White

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Workshop Schedule for Illumine Mini Festival

The program for the Illumine Mini Festival October 6-8 Brisbane, at Magda Community Artz

Be Illumined

Friday October 6th

7.30- 9.30 pm Launch (ticketed event)

Saturday  7th October

(All workshops are ticketed events and have limitations in number based on space)

Mandala  11-12 midday (Temily)  For Families and Children

Mandala 12- 1pm (Temily) For youth and adults

Art and photography Inspired  Poetry 2-3 pm (June), for youth and adults

Sunday 8th October

Painting Tapa  10-12 (Ruha), will confirm age group with Ruha

Art and Photography Inspired Poetry 2-3 pm (June), for youth and adults

Viewing of Exhibition  10-4pm daily but if you want to view quietly

Space free from workshops Saturday 10-11, 1-2 and 3-4

Space free from workshops Sunday  12-2, 3-4

Artists may be available for chats after their workshops.

For queries: 0448682314

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World Literacy Day with the Kids of Botongon

World Literacy Day! What an experience.  To view the Livestream head over to the Magic Fish Dreaming Blog for the link and my full write up of the experience.

Magic Fish Dreaming

Replay of the Livestream of the Event.

Skype view from my office – Australia

What a special day to meet and speak with the children of Botongon.  I thank my dear friend Mel Irvine, for taking the magic of Magic Fish Dreaming and sharing it with the children.

Mel tried to make it seem as much as possible as if I was there, and moved the camera a few times so I could see the whole gathering  and setting as well as introducing me to people. The local women who work with Mel are very impressive in their care for the children too.

It was amazing and quite overwhelming to think of some children arriving early and waiting for up to two hours outside the gate to run up the stairs to go the world literacy day event.

After welcome songs, and prayers, and me also thanking all of our ancestors…

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