Bahai Children’s Classes

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This page is underconstruction and will include many links for you to click when it is finished. These are of my previous lesson plans, and what they are inspired by. I kept a record of these especially during my first year of teaching.  Please let me know if there are broken links.

Don’t forget if you teach Baha’i Classes to see book 3a and 3b of the Ruhi Program and the Junior Youth Program. There are many supplementary sources you can add to these and they are a great starting point for all those engaging in facilitating such classes.

This year I am using the stories from Walking the Straight Path and then combining them with other materials from the Peace Pack, Brilliant Star and Garden of Baha’u’llah.

Some Lesson Plans


Indigenous 2

Indigenous Creation Story & Prayer





Story of Buddha and Buddhist Teachings

Virtue Picks


Drama written by Bahai Class

Felt Boards and Baha’i Class

Reflection on Teaching

Buddha and Compassion


Messengers of God

The Human Spirit

Peace House


Spiritual Reality

Kingdom’s of God


Divine Springtime

Reflections on Teaching 2006

Reflections on Teaching 2006 part 2

Ruhi Resources

Memorizing on Line




Baha’u’llah’s Life

How to Sing Ruhi Songs

Honesty and Manifestations of God

Equality and Oneness

Walking the Straight Path

Nobility (Walking the Straight Path 10)

Moderation (Walking the Straight Path 13 and The Bab)

(More links coming when I have the time to put them in)

This year I will blog teacher reflections and ways to improve my classes, or excellent blog links or stories.!

2 thoughts on “Bahai Children’s Classes

  1. Have you seen the new grade 1, 2 & 3 lesson plans from the Ruhi Institute? They’re amazing!


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