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I have known June since 1994, when we were both writers at the International Young Playwrights Festival. Over 25 countries were represented and June was one of only four playwrights invited from Australia.

Then and now, June’s work has been exciting and innovative. She is both an accomplished poet, and prose writer. She has a unique artistic, educational, and cultural background that allows her to explore both Indigenous and women’s issues.

June’s elegant writing is grounded in aching realities of daily life, motherhood, and Indigenous issues.  June writes, “I see a saw reminds me of me Dad / cuttin’ the wood / and me brother’s markin’ out / where the trees to fall / an’ it’s the kinda / day you wanna write about / walkin’ past middens / Koori kitchens to childhood / kitchens nostalgic with tears.”

June  is the type who has always done it all – raising a family, while getting a Ph.D. and working various jobs to contribute to her family’s income.

As a former playwriting fellow at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute, I have been in the “think tank” environment, and thus know June has the personality to encourage, bond, and interact with her peers. She is also a community educator, who has trained at tertiary level, so she is able to convey her thoughts and ideas to others very easily.

I give June  my highest recommendation.

Aurorae Khoo, Hollywood, United States.

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