#8WordStory some to head to billboards

I’ve been having some fun creating 8 Word Stories.  You can too.  For more details head  HERE

Closes on the 24th of November 2017.  Some of them will be selected to go up on billboards around Brisbane. There have been 5000 submissions so far!
Some June’s 8Word Stories so far @gumbootspearlz

The stars became trails of tears that night

A trail of hearts became stars … freedom flight.

Manus abandoned. Hearts astounded. Freedom calls across ocean.

The cyclone’s secret name was ‘Optimism’s Reminder’

Abandoned. The wanderer whistles his journey home. Peace

Migrant grandmother’s smile sends stories to the travelers.

Sunflowers awaken optimist. Beyond slacktivism. More than clicks.

Going under; island nightmare. Revelation; still can save. @QldWriter

Breakfast tears. Lunch time dreams. TV Dinner Tiffany.

‘He’s a keeper,’ said knowing gran.

A tiny book. A big story. A reader.

Still writing with feathers. Digital dreamer mines reality.

Fast car. No sleep. Long drive. Family lost.

Mindful spam traps innocent. Viral angels surprise. Saved.

‘Sneak onto the waves,’ were Poppy’s last words