Five Powers to Dealing with Racism

It was amazing today to feel like an advocate for unity in diversity, and the power of poetry, love, and education. I mentioned Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, my parents and the spiritual and cultural upbringing that has made me who I am today. Love will always lead us away from hate as a solution, andContinue reading “Five Powers to Dealing with Racism”

Photofinish Fashion Episode

I was intrigued by  Fashion: Episode 5  of Photofinish having never done studio photography. I can only imagine working with lights, props, make up and costume as well as an amazing camera and on top of that needing to have a vision of an era of fashion. This was one challenge where some training in photographyContinue reading “Photofinish Fashion Episode”

Portrait Day with ABCopen

For someone who normally likes to take, rather than be in pictures, having a portrait done is a tad scary.  I’ve been asked to do this by ABC for their annual report, where they are featuring some of their guest bloggers ‘engaging the community in conversations,’ and sharing more about the ABCopen project. I needn’tContinue reading “Portrait Day with ABCopen”