Abstracts by June

Originally posted on Gumbootspearlz Photography:
? Water, sand, textures, light and patterns Playing with the manual focus settings on my camera Thinking about oneness with ocean, river, creek Triangles and circles in the light Light through branches Early morning webs transfigured by sunrise Light dancing colours on the ocean This is my journey into abstraction.…

Writing and Creativity Rituals

  My quest for stillness continues and part of the journey is to find a ritual that will help my daily creativity.   I am at a workshop in Sydney with an Indigenous Canadian, and she is talking to me about ritual and centering when one engages in any creative act, be it dancing, writing,Continue reading “Writing and Creativity Rituals”

For Tahirih

“And the skies that breathe navy blue” In Faith Be a hollow reed Waiting for melodies And the notes that breathe skies And the skies that breathe navy blue And the navy blue that breathes sea And the sea the breathes woman And the woman that breathes of your unveiling and peeling away That skinContinue reading “For Tahirih”

Abstracting Sunset

I enjoy the process of abstracting in my photographs.  This involves removing some elements to simplify what I am seeing, like an abstract artist.   The element  I am removing in the above image  is the sharp focus. Below is a gallery of recent abstractions of sunset.  I’d like to try more of these andContinue reading “Abstracting Sunset”