Abstracting Sunset

Abstracting Sunset – June Perkins

I enjoy the process of abstracting in my photographs.  This involves removing some elements to simplify what I am seeing, like an abstract artist.   The element  I am removing in the above image  is the sharp focus.

Below is a gallery of recent abstractions of sunset.  I’d like to try more of these and explore an idea of a person, light, a drop of water – but by deliberately reducing the focus.

What does making the shape and colour of it less sharp do for the viewer?

I wonder what these abstractions say.  Do they say we see more clearly the less we focus on the sharp outlines and the deeper we look?  Do they invite the gaze to look more closely at the essential nature of things?

Do the show a process of a loss of eyesight?

What do they say to you?  This gallery shows the process of ‘abstraction,’ with the aid of my manual focus.