Dance for Recovery

A creative workshop designed for inclusive participation – created by Danielle Wilson, who also takes Free to Move Classes in Mission Beach.  Isay supporting and some other creatives will be coming along.  Find out more from Melissa and Avril.  If you live in the Cassowary Coast why not book! Should be awesome! Watch this spaceContinue reading “Dance for Recovery”

Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 3

Saturday Morning  10th March The morning of the aftermath presentation arrives and my friends ask if I’d like to go to the West End Markets before my talk.  It seems like a good idea to quell the nerves. It is something to behold though, we arrive to a mellow saxophonist sitting by the entrance.  TheContinue reading “Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 3”

Memories of the Winds of Yasi

This morning the wind woke me up.  It’s waking up a lot of us who remember the storms of Yasi not to mention the flooding afterwards.  We often get flooding up north, but the Yasi floods were full of debris, and on top of already coping with blown away rooves.  Rain meant life felt evenContinue reading “Memories of the Winds of Yasi”

Wonder a day 8: Aftermath Project part 1

Aftermath a project of ABC Open from the last 6 months, but beginning with a journey from 2009, has been just amazing.   It has now launched. You can go behind the scenes by reading Catherine Marciniak’s post Behind the Scenes of Aftermath.  There you will discover that it covers 6 natural disasters, 115 community storytellers,Continue reading “Wonder a day 8: Aftermath Project part 1”

Ten months – Since Yasi – Part 1

It’s been ten months since Yasi and as we head towards Christmas it seemed a good time to do a reflection on how far we have come. I asked three women I admire  for their strength, resilience and contribution to Cassowary Coastal life to participate to reflect on this –  Sal Badcock, Pam Galeano andContinue reading “Ten months – Since Yasi – Part 1”