Poetry about Yasi

In the last few months I have been mostly privately writing poems about the experience of Yasi and its aftermath. I haven’t been sharing too many of them on my blog or anywhere for that matter  but here are two recent ones, which are about the experience of being more fully recovered and whole sinceContinue reading “Poetry about Yasi”

What comes after – after…. dealing with disasters.

Photo Credit: June Perkins What comes after, after?  That is after a tree is damaged, a cyclone happens, you see the immediate effects(like in the picture above) but what next? After comes in stages – where first of all you deal with immediate safety and shelter concerns. Then you move onto confirming the situation,  lettingContinue reading “What comes after – after…. dealing with disasters.”

Swing Waiting For Child

swingwaitingforchild, a photo by gumbootspearlz creations – June Perkins on Flickr. I think this swing waits for a child or a person with a child’s heart or a parent with a daughter or son to entertain. This swing waits and is still for there is no wind. Today my friends, family and I facebooked aboutContinue reading “Swing Waiting For Child”