Alesa Lajana – Plays at Magda’s This Saturday!

Alesa Lajana’s Brisbane Concert is coming up at Magda’s this Saturday!

Alesa Lajana is an award winning Australian singer-songwriter, storyteller and musician. She traveled the dusty highways, collecting stories from post European contact history.

This album “Frontier Lullaby” comes from this wild and epic adventure, leading listeners on a heartfelt journey through strange and shadowy chapters of Australian history.

“Frontier Lullaby” floats in Lajana’s storyteller vocals, played out over her extra-ordinary musicianship!

A heartfelt journey through Australian history, the album features collaborations with multi Grammy award winner Bela Fleck, ARIA winners Amy Saunders and Julian Curwin, Australian songwriting icon and Order of Australia recipient Shane Howard and iconic session players Kirk Lorange and Luke Moller.

Alesa Lajana’s debut album, “Celtic Gypsy”, was released with ABC Classics in 2008. She is the winner of a Queensland Music Award for Best World Music Song, and is endorsed by Maton Guitars.


80 Boundary Road

Contact Details:

The Hidden History Album Project – An Album to Support!

So excited to let you know about Alesa Lajana and her Hidden History Album Project, a song-writing endeavour established for the creative exploration of post European contact Australian history through music.

I first met Alesa, at the Yungaburra music festival after listening to her perform works from her ‘Celtic Gypsy’ Album. My young sons were impressed by her brilliant guitar skills and enjoyed a guitar workshop she ran there to mentor young players.  My daughter loved her singing voice.

With an impressive line up of special guest performers and co-writers, including Bela Fleck, Shane Howard, Amy Saunders, Sam Wagan Watson, and William Barton, Hidden History promises to be something monumental and significant in Australian music history. My family enjoyed the preview concert held at Mt Tambourine.

This crowd funding campaign is specifically to to raise money for Alesa to record her second album: a collection of songs written for the Hidden History Album Project.  She is producing this on her own newly established Record Label Spirit of Country.

Alesa Lajana is the winner of a Queensland Music Award, officially mentored by Shane Howard, and endorsed by Maton Guitars.

Stay tuned as Alesa has agreed to yours truly doing an interview with her.

So looking forward to seeing the finishing touches of this project supported.  So far so good, two crowd funding projects I love look like being supported, hope you my dear readers can help put this one over the line as well.

Share, reblog, facebook, tweet, with whoever you think would love to hear this album come to life.

To find out more about the Crowd Funding Campaign and to leave your pledge to one of those watershed albums, please head over  HERE.

Hidden Histories Preview


Just to let you know Alesa’s Concert is on soon.  So if you are anywhere in the vicinity this is going to be something special.

Alesa is one of those artists that I respect for her approach to music, storytelling with song, artistry and life.

Hidden Histories is going to be a landmark achievement, so happy to have met her on this special journey.

Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

You can find out more about Alesa  HERE


Stillness, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Abstract Art: Saturday Writing Sagas 8

He asked me, ‘What do you think of abstract art?’

I replied, ‘I don’t have a background in art. I’m a storyteller. But I do like to photograph patterns in nature – ripples in water, how nature becomes abstracted art’

I was thinking how much art fascinates me, and yet I don’t know all it’s history.  I don’t feel equipped to comment about art as if I’m an historian or art specialist/expert. Yet I can comment about it from my heart, from a meditation with the art piece, that is by being with it in a state of grace and seeing what it speaks to me.

What’s this have to do with my writing journey?

This week has been a time to connect with artists in other art forms, such as Alesa Lajana, a song writer, currently learning about weaving , Doris Kinjun, local elder and weaver,  Lyn Marshall a painter, and photographer depicting the creative process in words and reflecting on inner and outer journeys in landscape, and Buffy Sainte-Marie an amazing songwriter (through blogged interviews.)

Wikimedia image. Buffy Sainte-Marie

It’s been a time of conversations, listening,  reading, and taking in the essence of how others create things.

I find myself thinking about the creative writing process as Marshall writes of it, as being in a state of flow, grace, meditation and worship and realise to do this one often needs stillness.

I ask myself – where do I find stillness in my day? I find it in the early morning, before other demands and realities of motherhood, and family, and so much more catch up with me.  It’s before I open diary, facebook,  email – and its connecting to the tablet of heart rather than the tablet of communication.

The time of stillness – time to float, daydream, connect with the messages of memory and experience – and think well what do I really want to say, and why – is precious in the making.  It insists on a space where there are no demands, but a free fall from a plane above life, above meaning; yet it requires diving into the essence of life, contemporary challenges for our society;  for analysis, and creation of pieces that can connect to others.

In today’s time of stillness a free form write for a new poem occurred.  It felt like unpacking dreams, hopes, aspirations.  It became a time to connect with Buffy Sainte-Marie and think about the power of music to add emotion to words, and to consider the power of journeys of people like Lajana, who look for the hidden histories – and the people like Marshall who look for the essence of things like nature – and represent that in abstractions and deep and meaningful titles.

This is the space I need to be in when writing and thinking.  It’s a space where my blog cannot always follow me.  In that space of stillness I enjoy solitude and the sense that no-one is watching me.

The other space where I find inspiration to write is being in the thick of life, experiencing it, being with people, in conversation, and knowing about their journeys.  In this space, I free flow in my google searching, and  can find  Sainte-Marie as easily as Lajana or Marshall, and yet my meetings with them in real space offer something different.  

Another writing Saturday saga meditation perhaps, for another time.

Where do you find stillness to look for your creative flow?

Wonder a Day 14: Music

guitar workshop
Son on his way to workshop in Yungaburra

Today is another memory blog, of time at Yungaburra’s music festival.  Music is a wonder of our family’s life and this event from two years ago was part of the music journey they will take into their future.

Full of workshops with people like Alesa Lajana, and concerts by people holding the workshops like herself.  They did go to a Blues workshop and a song writing one as well, but Alesa’s was memorable because of the way she spoke about music.

Alesa spoke about people taking any path in music as long as the passion continues, by that she meant classical training, or self taught, it’s the daily practice the hones the love of music.  It builds the skill of the musician and they take the journey with their instrument.

My youngest son loves the movie August Rush a fairytale about a boy who follows the music and is reunited with lost parents through their mutual love of music.  The scene where he encounters a guitar for the first time is one of my boy’s favourite scenes in movies.

Alesa Lajana in concert

So there you have it, keep up the practice of whatever you love  and have some skill and training in- and you develop in it.

Thanks Alesa too for staying in touch on facebook and the occasional mentoring comment to my sons on their guitar journey.

(c) June Perkins