Pixi’s Book of Circus

I have known Pixi, ever since we met at a Writing Group in Wollongong. She once kindly gave my family tickets to go to see Circus Oz as well when we last caught up in Brisbane over ten years ago! I was delighted to hear she has recently published a book on circus especially for children,Continue reading “Pixi’s Book of Circus”

Presenting at Sandcliffe Festival: June’s Preparations

Last year when I was running my kickstarter campaign I came across the Sandcliffe Writing festival whilst online, and it looked kind of cool because it was concerned with diversity and was in Brisbane. I emailed them to let them know I thought their festival looked great and to say I had a book comingContinue reading “Presenting at Sandcliffe Festival: June’s Preparations”


Dr. June Paisa Perkins, a poet, writer and educator of Mekeo and Australian background, loves to relax singing along to Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones. She was raised as a Baha’i and considers herself a world citizen, who loves collaborating, consulting, creating and connecting with people of diverse backgrounds and art forms. June has beenContinue reading “Author”

Harry Helps Grandpa – Approaching Alzheimer’s in a Picture Book

Karen Tyrrell is an award winning Brisbane based, ‘resilience ‘author, who publishes on this theme for both children and adults.   Her earlier books, like Stop the Bully,  have dealt with themes like bullying and mental health.  Harry Helps Grandpa Remember marks a slight change in direction,  in tackling the realities of dementia and theirContinue reading “Harry Helps Grandpa – Approaching Alzheimer’s in a Picture Book”

Books and Brunch with Pam

On Saturday I was delighted to catch up with my dear friend Pam Galeano, who was doing a visit to family and promoting her books, now available at New Farm Editions, and being the special lady she is before doing her author duties she treated me and my daughter to a birthday brunch as aContinue reading “Books and Brunch with Pam”