Two Bright Orbs: Shining the Light of Love

When attending celebrations where unity in diversity is not just in words but in action I feel hope for the future of Australia and the World. I was so happy that my family were able to experience the inspiring coming together of the diversity of the human family and community into one larger family atContinue reading “Two Bright Orbs: Shining the Light of Love”

Teacher Exchange

You can now subscribe to this blog and receive email updates. Go to that option For Email Feed in pages at the top of the blog, and click on the links. Then you will receive a notification of new postings. I am looking forward to an upcoming teacher exchange, where all the bess teachers andContinue reading “Teacher Exchange”

Hidden Words – map

 I thought this was an interesting way to study and remember The Hidden Words.  This map is from Juli Redson- Smith and is accompanied by an interesting article which you can find at Knowledge Map of the Hidden Words My children are presently memorizing some of The Hidden Words and discussing them – so perhapsContinue reading “Hidden Words – map”