Sandra’s Rainbows: Piece 5

My first memory is of puppet shows my brother and I would put together behind Sandra’s couch in Devonport, Tasmania. Our family and hers would watch as we unfolded our story. They were for Baha’i children classes. The next I have is of perching on a small orange car and racing down the extremely steepContinue reading “Sandra’s Rainbows: Piece 5”

Teacher Exchange

You can now subscribe to this blog and receive email updates. Go to that option For Email Feed in pages at the top of the blog, and click on the links. Then you will receive a notification of new postings. I am looking forward to an upcoming teacher exchange, where all the bess teachers andContinue reading “Teacher Exchange”

Posts on Bess Lesson Plans

If you are keen to access my Baha’i Education lesson plans let me know who you are and how you are using them and I will send you a password to those posts.  As I sometimes reflect on the lessons I decided that I would require this for people wishing to read them, but IContinue reading “Posts on Bess Lesson Plans”