Posts on Bess Lesson Plans

If you are keen to access my Baha’i Education lesson plans let me know who you are and how you are using them and I will send you a password to those posts.  As I sometimes reflect on the lessons I decided that I would require this for people wishing to read them, but I do like to share them and notice I have many visits from people looking for lesson plans.  There are some great sites in my links you will enjoy accessing, so don’t forget to look down the side of the site.

Within my posts I often put other links that I have found useful.  I may do a public reflection post on the whole year to share- a kind of summary so look out for that one.  My latest resource purchase has been a series of Anticolouring books, which are useful for all sorts of teaching projects, art, maths, imaginative thinking, and spiritual education.  I must review that and recommend them to you! I was so excited to look through them as I ordered them on line.

email  (at symbol, I put it this way to avoid spam if I can)
and just introduce yourself and let me know how you are putting my lesson plans and reflections to use.

By the way many of my lesson plans are of course based on the Ruhi Resources, or on the Peace Pack series, but I do like all teachers, adapt and collect additional resources, like stories, games, black line masters, and a method of delivering the classes that suits my students – and I am also writing original songs for my students to learn on themes like Thankfulness etc.