Best Australian Blog Competition Time

Dear Readers,

I have entered Pearlz Dreaming in the best Australian Blog competition, which has the awesome prize in the People’s Choice section of some writing courses.

If you like my blog please head over there and vote for it – People’s Choice

You can be from anywhere in the world to vote for this blog.

Thanking you so much for your awesome support.  It goes until the end of April.

If you are voting for more than one blog, remember  although you can vote for more than one blog, you can only put in your selection once so make a list of the blogs you like and then vote.

If you think Pearlz Dreaming Deserves a vote go to and follow the prompts.
Photo:<vbr><vbr>If you like Pearlz Dreaming please head over here and vote.<vbr>

Thankyou – time to vote for people’s choice in the Australian Blog competition

Dear Readers,

Thankyou so much awesome readers for nominating me for Best Australian Blog, a competition being run by the Sydney Writer’s Centre, now is the time to head along and vote in the people’s choice awards.

So if you like hearing about life in the country, the role of creativity in healing, and what ever else is happening in Pearlz Dreaming then please head over there and vote – and thankyou for reading and supporting my blogging and real life challenges and adventures down the years.  I appreciate every one of you.

You don’t have to be Australian to vote but it is for an Australian blog.

People's Choice Award

June Perkins