Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming 1 – By June Perkins

This week the internet just made my

creative head space feel

so cluttered and

fuzzy, out of shape and



I decided I need a break from the grief

the news

the despair

the massive overload of information

even its joy can seem too much and

become over the top.


I just needed a break to

dream and bask in the sunlight

pick daisies for the guinea pigs

listen to my children’s stories

and think about stories

to write.


But before I disappeared,

I spoke to some friends

on line

because I was at home writing

and they said they felt the same way too

and we shared a story or two.


They had been to

to walk their dogs

and bask in the sunlight.

They too felt the power of the story

the book

and the day dream.


When I went off line I thought

about friendship across time and space

and how

the internet creates

hives of  connecting strength

and sometimes the opposite


hives that sting


and people are seeking to create


so they can have more time to write

and authors can’t just be authors

they are being forced to be products

to sell their book

and yet the genuine are the ones we

want to read

who don’t seem like they are being a product

they are just sweet and kind


and then I let go . . .



I had a day dream

of space

to think

and roam

and dance and CREATE

and simply be beyond the need

for too much of

everyone else’s head spaces.


June Perkins


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All the best for the launch Dennis!

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I found this blog from Melissa very interesting and asked for her permission to reblog here.  Visit her blog and leave comments.

Melissa Shaw-Smith

melissa with poppy - Version 2 My youngest son just turned seven. Watching him play with his birthday Lego, it dawned on me that he has reached my memory lifetime, that is, the age from which I have distinct memories. It was also the age I vividly remember writing my first story.

It was about a little girl who wished for a pair of red shoes. She pestered her mother until her wish came true. Against all her mother’s warnings, she wore the red shoes to go exploring. One shoe got stuck in a muddy puddle and was lost. Slowly, the shoe disintegrated, becoming part of the soil, where it nurtured a lush patch of grass . Along came a cow that ate the grass, and was subsequently killed and her hide turned into a pair of red leather shoes. Strange story for a seven-year-old, but with a satisfyingly circular pattern, and, most importantly, based in…

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Best Australian Blog Competition Time

Dear Readers,

I have entered Pearlz Dreaming in the best Australian Blog competition, which has the awesome prize in the People’s Choice section of some writing courses.

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Thankyou – time to vote for people’s choice in the Australian Blog competition

Dear Readers,

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June Perkins