Social Media: the Joys and Challenges for Authors

Here I have begun with my own story.  You will notice there are no statistics in it.  I have purely focused on more qualitative feelings about social media. This blog post is  part of a series for authors trying to do their best to manage social media and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or who areContinue reading “Social Media: the Joys and Challenges for Authors”

Blogging the North

I’ve had an article Blogging the North republished by the Queensland Writer’s Centre. It covers the story of how I become a blogger for community for ABC Open’s aftermath. This was the time my Smile Within Book  and exhibition began to be created. You can still purchase the ebook online through the Australian Society ofContinue reading “Blogging the North”

Author Anxiety – What Do I Call Myself?

IMAGE CREDIT: AVR Dreamer Creative Commons Lately I’ve been noticing some anxiety among writers about what they should call themselves. There are so many terms now and some of them quite official (especially when applying for grants) – emerging writer, established author, aspiring author, aspiring writer, published writer, published author, unpublished writer. Some don’t wantContinue reading “Author Anxiety – What Do I Call Myself?”

Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto

Creative Commons rjacklin1975 After a soul search and reflection on my blogging practice I’ve decided the following: 1- Save all things I am keen to publish in other formats by NOT placing them on my blogs. 2- Blog the process and support materials that assist me to create my memoirs, poetry, books and films (coolContinue reading “Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto”